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jews quick to jump up and signal virtue regarding abortion

did yall forget your insatiable lust for mutilated baby cock?

i am announcing my intent to commit... POOPIES!!! 💩💩💩

i have every right to not CW posts on my personal platform which I run for myself no matter what the content is

its your freedom to block me

exercise it

poopy butt biden pooped his pants again!

did you poopy your pants mr prezzy???

do u need mommy to clean ur bum bum????

i want every religious observer eradicated

dont conflate that with death

i just want them eradicated

im willing to stir that wire hanger around and get out all that cherry filling for free baby

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I wired the brick up as a very small external monitor, so you can, for instance, play Doom on it.

taking the long weekend to not upgrade my mastodon instance and shop around for alternative fedi options

tfw when u love antibiden memes but u have to follow rightoid fedi to get them

its a sacrifice im willing to make

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of course the commercial hub known as reddit would be quick to normalize the fiscal insolvency of young americans.

no, just because its becoming normalized doesn't mean its appropriate. having a stable familial unit that will coddle you during a recession is a privilege.

get angry, get pissed, and make anyone who feels that this is acceptable feel the burn until its untenable for them.

im libertarian bitch, u think i vote???

no i ACT.

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Faggot Republican Trump supporters plans for armed skool security:

They'll shoot at the goth kids skipping the mandatory pep rally to hang in the dark and empty auditorium.
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