Death to Amerikkka!

Happy Indigenous People's Genocide Remembrance Day!

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imagine complaining that people from instances your instance is defederated from are commenting on a post YOU made on ANOTHER instance that are open to those defederated ones.

yeah its working as intended. welcome to the fediverse.

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🦎 The natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands:
London: Printed for B. White, 1771.

sometimes the barrier to accessibility is self education.

sometimes in order to work efficiently in an environment it requires research about how that environment is constructed.

some youtuber broke a random distro now linux isnt user friendly?

maybe users should step up and learn about the tools they use instead of just qqing when they cant run a game right away.

i dont care if there are barriers to the accessibility of linux. those barriers provide invaluable opportunities for learning.

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so apparently somebody had sex with a monkey, and now freddie mercury has it

im just here until i am able to jettison myself as far away from humanity as possible

altruism is just a means to a self-determined end

circumlocution of ux is a thing.

i dont want to have to step through your circumlocuted ux because youre trying to break down a process through design that can be executed by one simple memorized command.

i dont want your plebian influence on an operating system that already uses a design language that facilitates my success.

to those complaining about ux on linux/bsd/etc...

all i can say is git gud fgts

the reason i like it is because it doesnt cater to your lowest common denominator noob asses

go cry more

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The Tiger
By Nael, age 6

The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out

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A fat transgender woman with gargantuan breasts sweats, musculature destroyed by estrogen and androgen blockers, as she drags two-hundred ounces of stolen silver from her genderqueer anarcho-capitalist friend's home to the closest pawn shop
- vance 2021

Imagine using Twitter lmao

Can't relate 🙄

They're just as bad as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the ilk.

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🗺 Atlas ichthyologique des Indes orientales néêrlandaises:
Amsterdam: Frédéric Muller, editeur, 1862-1878

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