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not interested in making technology accessible to non technical users

go fuck yourself i dont want you here <3

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but mom the computer told me to reassemble all matter and energy into a computing matrix

im on fedi for the overt bigotry AND the radical tolerance

if i hate judaism and all other abrahamic religions does that make me antisemitic?

its ok if the answer is yes.

discord is a pile of shit

discord is a child grooming platform

if you use discord as a front end to customer facing business functions go fuck yourself

children are innocent

parents can get fucked over backwards sideways and upside down

wouldnt it be amazing if every world leader died at the same time?

plz realize my death fantasy

faux nomads and primitivists will reject technology in whatever context suits their stupid aesthetic

you are stupid

if you dont have technical ability dont expect me to have respect for you in the workplace

destroying a company is an art form <3

i wonder how to find out what instances have blocked your instance

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