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im grooming ur kids

not for sex

but to be vicious little breeder hating queer antistatists

debatably worse, at least to a conservatard

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- Hiya, Barbie
- Hi, Ken
- You wanna go for a ride?
- Sure, Ken
- Jump in!


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i sucked random cocks during monkeypox and i wont apologize for it

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god, mothers are so fucking annoying

shut the fuck up breeder cunt

beat up furries

they are just zoophiles with an identity disorder

if your city doesnt have a plethora of free public restrooms ill piss all over your streets

try me

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swear 2 god homophobes are just jealous homos get laid

who shits on someone for getting their nut?

ur just stuck in a fucking pussy prison ya fuckin incel lmao

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the body positive (obesity normalization) movement is more afraid of the work to be healthy than the consequence of not doing it

being alive requires taking a portion of the day to maintain the body. this life is inconvenient and what is required is often arduous. we should know this by now

instead of normalizing disease, normalize preventative measures that enable humanity's health and push for societal structures to allow the time to respect the needs of the body

that's body positivity

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looking for a strong featured sociopathic man to prey on my emotional vulnerabilities and manipulate me into an embittered psychotic state where i commit multiple felonies

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Deathtrap Dungeon's a better gamebook than videogame (UGH, constant reloading if you miss a frame-perfect jump), but nobody was gonna make BDSM ads for a gamebook:


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